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At Mountain Oaks Cabinetry Inc. we only offer the highest quality in custom cabinets and kitchen designs. There is no job to big or to small, and no job is to far away. At Mountain Oaks Cabinetry we are committed to providing durable long lasting cabinets, and making sure every detail is correct. We understand what it takes to design and organize a project and our designers will sit down and help you design the custom cabinets you want. If you want great personalized service and quality cabinets that last a lifetime then Mountain Oaks Cabinetry Inc. is the place to go. For the home owners that would like a more economical cabinet we offer two modular cabinet brands (Merillat & Koch).

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We Specialize In:

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Bath Cabinets
  • Custom Entertainment Centers, Fireplace Surrounds & Mantels
  • Custom Wet Bars, Desks, Bookcases, and any Misc. Cabinets
  • Selling & Installation on Manufactured Cabinets (Merillat & Koch)
  • Selling & Installation of all types of Countertops (Laminate, Stone, Quartz etc.)

Austin Cabinet Service: The Sensible Cabinetry Solution

If you're planning on building a new home or remodeling your existing one, you know that nothing says "quality" like custom-made cabinetry. Unlike stock cabinets from a large home supply store, Austin cabinet service custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications. There is no limit on available styles, wood types or finishes, and the size is only limited by your available space. Custom cabinets can prove to be an excellent value, potentially giving you a 75% return on your investment.

Custom cabinets from an Austin cabinet service are designed and constructed to fit a specific space in your home, whether it’s the kitchen, bath or another area where you might want storage. Custom cabinets are built to fit the measurements of your room to within a fraction of an inch. You won’t find any of those filler strips that are so often needed in stock cabinets, and this means more usable space.

A quality Austin cabinet service can offer cabinets designed to fit your exact space and provide customized storage that can help you arrange and access your belongings more easily. Cabinets can also be designed and constructed to fit oddly shaped areas, something you can’t do with stock cabinets. With careful planning and designing, custom cabinets can also be the perfect answer to maximizing a small space.

Austin Cabinet Service: Determining Your Budget

When it comes to planning your cabinets into you finances, it’s important to set a realistic budget and determine which features are going to be the most important to you. You’ll be spending almost half of your new kitchen budget on the cabinets. Installing custom cabinets in your kitchen or bath may not be cheap when compared to off the shelf stock cabinets, but if you’re time and energy into building your dream kitchen or bath, you certainly don’t want cheap cabinets. Keep in mind that you’re making a long term investment in your home. A knowledgeable Austin cabinet service can sit down with you and help you put together a budget that will work for you.

The Austin cabinet service will look at how you use a room and what types of storage and work areas will work best for you. For example, a gourmet cook is most likely going to need much more storage and work space than someone that tends to eat out. The same applies to the bathroom and your personal requirements. These are all factors that an Austin cabinet service will take into consideration when helping you to determine your budget.

Actually, quality custom cabinetry from an Austin cabinet service might not be as expensive as you think. It really depends on the cabinet styles and materials you choose. Naturally, some hardwoods, accessories and detailing will be more expensive, but if you choose wisely, you still have custom cabinets for little more than high-end stock cabinets. It really depends on your needs, and how you choose to finish and accessorize your cabinets.

Austin Cabinet Service: Planning Your New Custom Cabinets

You may be working with a contractor, an architect or a kitchen and bath designer in planning your new kitchen or remodeling project. You may already have your plans drawn up. Or you might only have a basic idea of what you want, some rough sketches or some images that you’ve saved from a magazine. The Austin cabinet service can help you with your new custom cabinets, no matter what stage you’re at with your design plans. They can meet with you to discuss what you have in mind for your project, pinpoint your tastes in styles and colors, and help you select cabinets that will keep you within budget.

If you already have your plans drawn up, the Austin cabinet service will use them to construct you new cabinets. Also, they can draw up the design plans and layout of your custom cabinets for you. They can help you choose the type of cabinets you want, along with the wood, finish, cabinet hardware and accessories. The Austin cabinet service will then build your cabinets and make certain they are delivered to you when needed on the site.

Austin Cabinet Service: Getting Exactly What You Want

Custom cabinetry construction is a challenging and exacting trade, requiring professional skill. It would be impossible to get the same details with stock cabinetry.

Custom built cabinets mean you’re getting exactly what you want. They fit perfectly into your existing space with no waste hidden behind filler strips. Plus, when working with a professional Austin cabinet service, you’re going to get personalized service that you can’t find with large home supply centers. The design possibilities are almost limitless when you choose to install custom made cabinets. A well-designed and planned out space will be more efficient, no matter what the size. So if you’re building or remodeling, why not consider custom made cabinetry? A qualified Austin cabinet service can create whatever you can dream.

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Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on our cabinets. Everything looks and works fine! We have had many comments on the quality and riches of their appearance. We appreciated your dedication to getting them done.
Ron & Marsha, Mantorville
We want to thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship in all of our cabinetry. We are so pleased we picked you to do our work. You were all great to work with.
Dave & Diane, Austin
We want to tell you how pleased we are with our Mountain Oaks cabinets. The cherry wood gets more beautiful as it ages and we think the construction and materials are excellent. Even more than the fine materials, we are pleased with the service you gave us in the design and installation phases. You really did give high priority to our wishes, and proved it, by cheerfully making the changes we asked for. Building a home can be a frustrating experience, and ours was, but NOT because of Mountain Oaks Cabinetry. Meeting with you sometimes seemed like the one ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day. The combination of your fine craftsmanship and respect for us speaks very well for your ethics and business practices.
Glenn & Cynthia, Rochester